Current & Past Chapter Presidents

Since 1916, ISM—St. Louis has benefited from the leadership skills of these past presidents. Their foresight and dedication have allowed our assocation to grow and serve those in the supply management field for over 106 years.

We sincerely thank them for their service.

2022-current  Sofia Wu, CPSM,   SSM Health
2019-22           Corey Hall, CPSM,    Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
2018-19           Thomas Moffett, CPSM,   Bayer
2017-18           Helena Hartwein,    Energizer Holdings
2016-17           Emily Deahn,    Monsanto
2015-16           Patricia Greathouse,    Sunnen Products Company
2014-15           Melissa Orlando, C.P.M., CPSM,    Express Scripts
2013-14           Patrick Williamson, C.P.M.,    St. Louis Zoo
2012-13           Larry B. Jackson, CPSM, C.P.M.,    Metro Transit
2011-12           Rebecca Klutho, C.P.M., A.P.P.,    Metropolitan Life
2009-11           Martin Rutkovitz,    Monsanto Company
2008-09           Julie Wulff, C.P.M.,   Associated British Foods
2007-08           Kimberly Butts, CPSM, C.P.M.,CPPB,   City of Kirkwood
2006-07           Kay Givens, C.P.M. ,   Des Peres Hospital
2004-06           Jeannie Karasek,    Pfizer
2003-04           Jo Ellen Hatfield, C.P.M.,    Anheuser Busch
2003-04           John Davis, C.P.M. ,   Dazor Manufacturing
2002-03           Mike Roth, C.P.M.,    Magellan Health Services
2001-02           Carla Russo, C.P.M.,    Clean City
2000-01           Jim Schmitz, C.P.M.
1999-00           Sandra Ging Kohfeld, C.P.M. ,   Unisource
1998-99           Angelia York ,   St. Louis Closet Company
1997-98           Thomas Stretch, Jr., C.P.M.,    Hasco International Incorporated
1996-97           Roger L. Ewing,    Trans World Airlines
1995-96           Carolyn H. Fyffe,    Tomeo Incorporated
1994-95           Richard Lohmann,    Wilson Trophy Company
1993-94           Thomas W. Becker, C.P.M.,    Southern Equipment Company
1991-93           Joseph A. Leister, C.P.M.,    Southwestern Bell Telephone
1990-91           Norman A. Krumrey, C.P.M.,    Joint Purchasing Corporation
1989-90           John E. Davis, C.P.M.,   Sunnen Products Company
1988-89           Gordon W. Gosh, C.P.M.,    Pet Incorporated
1987-88           William Bohrer, C.P.M.,    City of Kirkwood
1986-87           Ann R. Terry,   Chemtech Industries
1985-86           James L. Leib, C.P.M.,    McDonnell Douglas
1984-85           Kathleen E. Busalacchi, C.P.M.,    Hardy Salt Company
1983-84           Raymond E. Vendt,    ACF Industries, Inc. AM Car Division
1982-83           Raymond L. Lubeley, C.P.M.,    Nixdorff-Lloyd Chain Company
1981-82           Donald H. Reitmeyer,    Moog Automotive
1980-81           Robert G. Korvas, C.P.M.,    Jomico Metal Fabricators
1979-80           Edward Ray Kiely, C.P.M.,    Beck & Corbitt Company
1978-79           Garland G. Ransom, C.P. M.,    Missouri Rolling Mill Corporations
1977-78           J. Robert Chunn, C.P.M.,    Centerre Bank
1976-77           Vahan Haroian, C.P.M.,    Atlas Tool & Manufacturing Company
1975-76           Joseph E. Roth, C.P.M.,    Shure Richardson Incorporated
1974-75           M. J. Hofmeister, C.P.M.,    Cupples Products
1973-74           E. C. Pidgeon, C.P.M.,    Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
1972-73           Nicholas J. Zirbas, C.P.M.,    Board of Police Commissioners
1971-72           A. C. Dillingham, C.P.M.,    ITT Blackburn Company
1970-71           Paul C. Wehner,    Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, Incorporated
1969-70           Glen L. Otten, C.P.M.,    Pet Incorporated
1968-69           Kenneth W. Weaver, C.P.M.,    Midwest Fitting/Division Crane
1967-68           Norman C. Stiles,    Monsanto Company
1966-67           James J. Reidy,    E.F. Marsh Engineering Company
1965-66           Norbert J. Berhmann,    Metal Good Corporation
1964-65           Joseph P. Stagg, C.P.M.,    Saint Louis University
1963-64           Harold K. Kramer, C.P.M.,    Wagner Electric Corporation
1962-63           Henry F. Shield,    Sporlan Valve Company
1961-62           Fred A. Biller,    Hussman Refrigerator Company
1960-61           J. M. Darrow,    Universal Match Corporation
1959-60           J. J. Staed,    A. B. Chance Company
1958-59           J. M. Taylor,    Gruendler Crusher & Pulveriser
1957-58           William M. Bridwell,    General Steel Castings
1956-57           Frank J. Jost,    McQuay-Norris Manufacturing Company
1955-56           Earl B. Boub,    Star Manufacturing Company
1954-55           James J. Ritterskamp,    Washington University
1953-54           George S. Forbes,    Century Electric Company
1952-53           Robert H. Sperreng,    Union Electric of Missouri
1951-52           Warren J. Matthews,    Fallstaff Brewing Company
1950-51           F. J. Connell,    Moloney Electric Company
1949-50           D. M. Baker,    Day-Bright Lighting Incorporated
1948-49           A. W. Soell,    Gaylord Container Company
1947-48           L. C. Gragg,    Hussman Refrigerator Company
1946-47           J. F. Parsons,    Monsanto Chemical Company
1944-46           Paul O'Brien,   Sefton Fibre Can Company
1943-44           J. E. Nolan,    Scullin Steel Company
1942-43           M. B. Covell,    Union Electric of Missouri
1941-42           John Higginson,    Intercoastal Paint Company
1940-41           George H. Brown,    Century Electric Company
1939-40           Irving C. Peppe,   l General Metal Products Company
1938-39           William G. Smith,    James R. Kearney Corporation
1937-38           William Grossman,    A. Leschen & Sons Rope Company
1936-37           Lee J. Bussman,    Bussman Manufacturing Company
1935-36           Erwin H. Doht,    Mallinckrodt Chemical Company
1934-35           Dan M. Crimmins,    McQuay-Norris Manufacturing Company
1933-34           Norman N. Gould,    Alcoa Ore Company
1932-33           William Krueger,    Ralston Purina Company
1931-32           Chesterfield White,    Emerson Electric Company
1930-31           John S. Chapman,    Midwest Piping & Supply Company
1928-30           Lee J. Bussman,    Bussman Manufacturing Company
1927-28           Walter M. Lowry,    National Lead Company
1926-27           A. B. Bluhm,    Fred Medart Manufacturing Company
1925-26           George A. Renard,    St. Louis Screw & Bolt Company
1924-25           William Grossman,    A. Leschen & Sons Rope Company
1923-24           Paul R. Dolvin,    McQuay-Norris Manufacturing Company
1922-23           J. A. Hecker,    Curtis Manufacturing Company
1921-22           A. J. Owings,    Union Electric Light & Power Company
1920-21           Kirke L. Bonnell,    The Brecht Company
1919-20           Kirk H. Taylor,    Illinois Glass Company
1918-19           Dr. F. W. Russe,    Mallinckrodt Chemical Works
1917-18           V. W. Bergenthal,   Wagner Electric Company
1916-17           R. E. Cowan Ralston,   Purina Company